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Taking a Big Leap

I'd like to open this blog by going over with you a few key details about my business plan. These are the guiding principles of Melissa Terlizzi Polymer Art:

Yeah, that's it. I have no business plan. I have never had a business plan. I started doing all this by accident, and that's pretty much how I have operated ever since; fumbling along, taking opportunities here and there when they pop up along the path. It's business by intuition/serendipity/darn good luck, and it rolls along at exactly the pace I need it to while I still have kids to care for, and other responsibilities at home.

I am an introverted homebody, but I don't let that stop me from occasionally poking a toe outside my comfort zone to try new things. And sometimes opportunities come along that are more than a little daunting--but which you know will be life-changing if you could juuuuuuust just tamp down your insecurities long enough to say yes.

Recently I was offered such an opportunity, and I said yes.

I am taking a big leap.

To a new pond. (Attempting a frog metaphor here.)

In Ohio.

I am not moving to Ohio (my kids might take umbrage with that), but will be traveling back and forth several times between now and May in a new position as Artist-in-Residence for an elementary school there. I will be working with the school's art teacher, and some 500 kids in grades K-4 on a school-wide art project. The specific details still need to be worked out, but the focus of the project will be the wetlands ecosystem, and the art medium is polymer clay.

So, while I was merrily fumbling along without any plan, the universe dropped the biggest, most perfectly-attuned-to-my-interests-and-skill-set opportunity right smack-dab in front of me. I have to do this! I am so grateful to be given this chance. I am excited, and nervous, too. Oh, and I leave tomorrow.

This slimy fat bullfrog is a gift for the art classroom where I will be spending a lot of time in the next few months!

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